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Understanding Quite simply at Doctors Funding Group we understand the Healthcare Industry and what it takes for a Healthcare Professional to be successful. We are so committed to the success of our Healthcare Professional Clients. DFG specializes in this, and only this sector of the business. Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, podiatrist, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, PHD medical researcher, pharmacist, or veterinarian we at Doctors Funding Group are here to make the necessary business capital available to you to help your success.


At DFG we understand the changes happening due to new insurance regulations, large corporations taking over, and the ever increasing student loan debt that often accompanies a successful medical education. DFG is aware that many Doctors, and other Healthcare Professionals have to expand their practice, or venture out into new business opportunities to sustain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

We Are Here To Help

Once again, at Doctors Funding Group we are here to help. We are not just here to talk about it. We are here to put our money where our mouth is. DFG is here to provide the capital you need to be successful in the modern, and ever evolving Healthcare Industry with all the red tape, and over documentation a traditional bank or many other lenders would require. We understand your time is valuable and sitting in a lobby with a stack of business and personal tax returns to meet a banker face to face can take hours out of your day. DFG understands the old fashioned way of borrowing money is encumber some, over-complicated, frustrating, and often yields no successful result. Let’s face it, applying for the capital you need shouldn’t take you away from your patients and hinder your main purpose, helping your clients. We make the process easy, most of the time paperless. DFG renders most decisions within 24 hours or even the same day whether you credit is perfect or blemished.
At Doctors Funding Group we would consider it an honor for you to browse our site, view our specially catered Medical Professional Loan Programs, read our Blog, refer a friend or colleague, or simply apply for a loan

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