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Robotics And Medical Financing

Robotic financing for medical professionals

The Future Of Robotics And Medical Financing

Robotics and Other Cutting Edge Medical Technology will need Financing for their Implementation.

With such device such as Surgeon Assisted Robotic Arms already in use we know 3 things for certain: 1. They Work, 2. They are the Future with more such technologies being presented and put in practice every year, and 3. They are costly. Advancing the treatment of patients and helping further medical science, although necessary, comes at a price. With that said it has to be paid for.

Technology And Medicine

Already in the present, and more and more in the future, it may not be the hospital where such cutting edge technology assisted medical procedures are conducted. More and more hospitals are being taken over by big conglomerates or so called health management or for profit groups. More and more doctors are becoming w-2, regular 9-5, 6 pack Joe employees that are regulated, and incentive paid by customer surveys and not honest health care opinions. Could you imagine the popular TV show doctor “House” getting a customer satisfaction survey after he just diagnosed an otherwise cureless patient with a painful narcotic to induce a reaction necessary for such diagnosis that resulted in a cure. It might read something like this:

Bedside Manner on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best. 1

Comments: This doctor was a complete J_gg _ff, and I never met a bigger _ss h_le. If I see him walk down the street, I will go out of my way to run him down with my SUV. I hate his guts. By the way, he saved my life.

Although doctors should be polite, honesty and good healthcare is more important than political correctness and JD Powers surveys designed to please, or trick the general public as to the quality of service being offered.

Doctors are also being paid much less as a cost control so the conglomerates can make more money. At the same time the cost to become a doctor has become astronomical. It’s nothing to see student loan bills in excess of $400,000. There seems to be more money in educating doctors, and everyone else for that matter, now than being a doctor. The President of the University of Chicago earns $3.4 million a year 42 other university presidents make over a $ million. salary

The Cost Of Robotics And Medical Financing

If you think, or thought such measures such as paying doctors less, and putting them on maintainable salaries with – incentive based compensation, like car salesman, would bring the cost of medical care down, you would be wrong. Medical care costs are sky rocketing. Healthcare insurance in some cases have doubled.

Unless you have lived in a cave for the last 6 years, have no television, no access to newspapers, haven’t seen a human being, talked on a telephone, and don’t know about the space peoples’ interweb, you would know about healthcare insurance reform. Now take the old insurance practices of billing and confusion and have the IRS try to write a simple how to use book to help medical billing professionals make the process easier, and you have the reform. Each current billing procedure would have a simple 9 page flow chart, and 62-156 page synapsis of how easy the new process is.

Now look at the oral or cosmetic surgeons of the world. They accept almost no, or very little insurance. They rarely perform procedures at a hospital. The anesthesiologists come to them. Their procedures often cost under $6,000. Their facilities are cleaner. They make more money than most other doctors.

Starting Own Medical Practice

Doctor are starting to form their own groups. They are and will be performing many of their procedures without the use of hospitals. Technology will make it easier for them. The costs will come down for the patients, and the doctors will make more money. However, they will need the liquidity to purchase cutting edge technology. Therefore, they are going need the ability to finance medical technology.

The Good News is: Financing of Medical Equipment and Working Capital is now very easy, and the monies to make such loans and leases has never been as easily available as right now. Medical Technology and Devices can be leased with sometimes “no money down” from $40,000 to $5,000,000. It is not uncommon for 3 or 4 doctors to get together and lease all the equipment they need to not only compete with a hospital, but to be more advanced. In just a few weeks medical professionals can lease a million dollars of cutting edge equipment, roll in the service agreements and extended warranties, and be up and running almost worry free. Plus, the hospitals need financing too.

Robotics And Medical Financing is Alive, Booming, and needed in the Medical Industry.

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